Korean Skincare: The Cure Collagen Essence Sheet Masks Review

I’m currently on the hunt to find some good quality sheet masks at a discounted price. I came across a bunch of these The Cure sheet masks at Ross, Marshalls, & TJ Maxx. So I decided to buy a few of these to try out for you guys. Each box costs $5.99 for 5 masks, so about $1.25 for each mask including tax. They have a bunch of different masks you can choose from, depending on what you are looking for.

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Unfortunately these masks were a hit and miss.  There were a few that I liked: the Brightening and Argan Oil. They smelled great and refreshing. My skin felt smooth and soft afterwards. While there were a few that didn’t quite work for me. The Tea Tree and the Pearl masks had a very strong, almost overwhelming scent to them. I honestly had to force myself to finish the box. The Collagen and the Vitamin left a sticky residue. Also the Tea Tree and the Coenzyme Q10 masks broke me out. Only a few hours after doing the masks, I noticed small white bumps all over my face.

It’s definitely one of the cheaper Korean sheet masks out there but the real question is, is it worth it??? Did the masks even do as they claim? No. My skin did not look brighter, firmer, nor did it calm down my troubled skin. All the mask did was moisturize my skin, which gel mask sheets are supposed to do. They were maybe average at best. I would not repurchase these again since a few broke me out and the scent was too strong for me to handle. But hey, if you have dry skin and looking for some moisturizing masks, these might work out for you. You never know.

If you are trying to save money, buying a mask in a squeezed tubed or bottle will average out cheaper, since you can use it more than just 5 times. With these sheet masks you really are paying for the convenience and the materials.

**A little background info:  I have very oily skin (usually have to blot after 3 hrs), sensitive, and acne prone. Just because a product didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. We all have different skin types.**


Review: Freeman Pomegranate Peel Off Mask


-Costs around $2-$5
-Contains 6 Fl. Oz
-Has a nice scent
-Has a thick and goopy texture
-Comes out semi clear with a lilac tint
– Only needs a thin layer, other wise it’ll take a while to dry
-The residual can be hard and a pain to wash off especially if you have a lot of peach fuzz/baby hairs
-Peel off mask, making quicker to take off

Overall: It does leave my skin feeling softer and it’s cheap for the amount you’re getting. But personally I don’t like how thick and goopy it is. But that’s just my personal preference. If you don’t mind that then you should give this mask a try.

Worth the buy? Charcoal/Mineral Skin Care Products Part I

Charcoal products have been all the rage lately so I wanted to try and review a few products for you guys. So why charcoal? Why is it great for the skin? Activated charcoal is great for the skin because it acts like a magnet and draws dirt, oil, and other harmful substances.

Garnier Cleansing Towelettes w/Charcoal ($6)
Claims: Instantly draws out dirt, oil, and makeup + Removes oil and mattifies
It contains 25 wet towelettes.

I use this to get my makeup off before I shower/cleanse my face or if I’m too lazy to cleanse my face in the morning.
The breakdown:
-There is a clean scent to it, nothing overwhelming.
-The towelettes are thinner than what I would like
– Decent amount of moisture
-Does a good job taking off my face makeup but not my mascaras.
-Doesn’t leave any oil or sticky residue.
-Any residual liquid does absorb into the skin
-I wouldn’t say it leaves my face matte like the product claims, but it does leave my face soft and a little glowy.

Overall: It was an okay product, but not worth the buy since it wasn’t strong enough to take off my mascara. The whole purpose of me buying cleansing towelettes is for removing all of my makeup. A better alternative is the Yes to Grapefruit Cleansing Towelettes. It’s strong enough to take my off my non waterproof mascaras and the towelettes are thick.
Biore Charcoal Pore Strips ($7)
Claims: The strips will unclog pores by drawing out deep impurities and excess oil.


(The front of the strip)

(The back of the strip)

20160226_230255 - Copy20160226_230320 - Copy

The Breakdown:
– There’s a little warming sensation when you first put it on
-Quick and Easy to use (wet nose, put on the strip, wait 10 mins, peel off quickly, and voilà!)
-Does a good job removing my blackheads, it doesn’t remove all of course but a small amount. I have big pores and A LOT of blackheads!
-For best use, make sure to exfoliate and steam your face before hand.

Overall: It does a great job. I will repurchasing this again for sure!

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (Full size $34)20160224_234707

I know, I know this doesn’t contain charcoal but it works very similar.
Claims: Detox, purifies, and brighten the skin.



-Goes on smoothly.
-Has an underlining smell of Charcoal.
-Make sure you apply a generous amount other wise the mask will be hard to peel off in one go.
-Easy to use.
-I can’t tell if it makes my skin more luminous but my skin is softer.
-It does a good job absorbing oil and dirt.
-If you use this after steaming your face or after a hot shower, this product can act as a pore strip. It has removed a few of my blackheads before, but not always.

Overall: I really like this product. It’s worth the high price tag.

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask- Charcoal & Black Sugar ($4)20160224_234730
Claims: The Activated Charcoal will help absorb oil and impurities without over-drying while the Black Sugar will help exfoliate away dull skin cells for softness and clarity. Perfect for all skin types.


-I’ve used this with a dried face and a wet face (while in the shower) and I found that this goes on more evenly if your face is wet.
-It smells almost like the Pomegranate Peel Off mask but not as strong. A little chemically, not the most pleasant smell.
– The mask has a warming sensation.
-The sugar wasn’t harsh on the skin, but make sure to wet your hand and face a little before scrubbing.
– The sugar slowly melts away while scrubbing.
-My skin felt super soft afterwards.
-It didn’t dry out my skin.

I really like this mask/exfoliant. I can feel my skin smoother and softer. Not to mention  it’s cheap, contains a lot of product, and it’s effective.

A sneak peak into what will be in Part II:

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