Swatches: Pur Minerals Secret Crush & Soul Mattes Palettes

Secret Crush Palette
2015-11-28 16.13.382015-11-28 16.14.302015-11-28 16.15.172015-11-29 18.23.452015-11-29 18.24.39 - Copy

Soul Mattes Palette
2015-11-28 16.12.582015-11-28 16.13.172015-11-29 18.22.49

The eyeshadows from both palettes are really nice, soft, smooth, and pigmented. They also only cost $32 each!! You really can’t beat that.


Quick Review: Pur Minerals Glitz and Glam palettes

Pur Cosmetics recently game out with the Glitz and Glam holiday set ($38). The set includes two decent size palettes. Each palette contains 8 shadows.

Day Dream Palette (White)
2015-11-06 23.41.30

2015-11-06 23.44.12
As you can see, the palette contains a lot of mauve shades. The shadows are too similar in color that I felt like I was only getting 5 different shades instead of 8.

Night Fantasy (Black)
2015-11-06 23.43.02

2015-11-06 23.44.55
I love the color selection in this palette!

Overall: The shadows were soft, smooth, easy to blend, and has good pigmentation. My only gripe is the color selection in the Day Dream palette. But I’m still happy with this purchase!  You guys should definitely try these palettes out!

Quick Review: Pur Minerals Eye Polish in Cashmere, Satin, & Silk

2015-11-08 16.04.292015-11-08 16.40.112015-11-08 16.42.18
(Cashmere, Satin, & Silk)

These have a really short shelf life. I’ve had these for only 3 months and already they have started to dry up and clump on me.  It doesn’t apply as smooth as it used to. So if you are not planning to use this up within 6 months then skip this product. Otherwise it will probably dry up before you get to use it up.

But I really do like these products. They’re so easy to use and it’s pigmented. BUT the short lifespan kills it for me.

Please note: make sure to SHAKE IT WELL before use! If you shake it well enough you can apply it quite easily with the plastic applicator.