First Impression: IT Cosmetics Luxe High Performance Eyeshadow Palette

I recently went to Ulta just to look around and I unexpectedly found this palette. I know this is an old palette and I honestly thought they had discontinued it. But I was lucky enough to get the last one Ulta had for only $20!  It contains 12 shadows: 7 mattes and 5 shimmer.

It comes in a faux  leather packaging with a decent size mirror. The palette does include a tiny brush that no one uses.

2016-02-01 23.37.57

20160201_160242 - Copy

20160201_210452 - Copy
The first two rows.

20160201_210638 - Copy
The last row. I was surprised at how smooth and pigmented these were. If you buy enough palettes then you know that usually purples and blues have the worst pigmentation, but these have great pigmentation.

I’m so happy with this purchase.



First Impression: L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

These are around $5 each, I got mine from Unified Cosmetics. There are 16 shades total, but I only have 7. I’ll up date this blog if I ever get the rest of the shades.


20160107_223114 - Copy (2)


20160107_223114 - Copy (3).jpg


20160107_223114 - Copy


20160107_223114 - Copy (4)


20160107_223115 - Copy (2)


20160107_223115 - Copy (3)


20160107_223123 - Copy.jpg

20160107_223019 - Copy
Left to right: Fantasy, Dreamy, Fleur, Bazaar, Rebel, Backstage, & Frisky.

The lip glosses:

  • have a matte finish
  •  felt sticky/tacky throughout the whole day
  • pigmented/opaque except for Backstage
  • smooth
  • doesn’t apply evenly
  • feels a little heavy on the lips
  • emphasizes all the cracks and lines on the lips
  • barely any transferring or fading, only time they transferred/faded was during eating and drinking
  • lasts all day, you will need some kind of makeup remover or makeup wipe to take them off


As of right now, I’m on the fence with these lip glosses. I am impressed by how long they can last, but they do feel like paint on the lips. Which I’m not a fan of. I will need to give these a few more try before I can have a solid answer.