Hit or Miss: Black Radiance Eye Appeal Palettes

I was at Walgreens when I stumbled upon these palettes from Black Radiance. They look exactly the same as Wet n’ Wild and I knew I had to give these a try. Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection palettes goes for $8 ($3 more than the Wet n’ Wild’s ColorIcon palettes). There weren’t many options to choose from: Deeper The Berry, Downtown Browns, & Posh Plums. I ended up grabbing 2 out of the 3 since these has more browns.




-I really like the color selection/arrangements
-Good pigmentation
-Super soft shadows
-Very powdery
-Lots of fallout
-Needs a good primer
-Easy to over blend
-Can look a bit muddy
-Longevity: Okay. The shadows creases very easily without any primer, but with a primer it fades after a few hours.

Overall: These palettes are a miss for me. The shadows are way too powdery for my liking. Even when I gently press my brush into the shadows, I still get powder into the other pans. And not to mention it’s $3 more than Wet n’ Wild! But if you’re a big Wet n’ Wild fan then you will like these palettes. The consistency is very similar.