Korean Sheet Masks To Avoid Part I

If you have been reading my blog for a while now then you’ll know how much of a sheet mask addict I am. It’s easy and quick to use, also there’s no mess to clean up. But sadly not every mask worked out as good as others. These are the worst sheet masks I’ve tried.

First off is the TonyMoly Mud Sheet Mask, which I bought at Ulta for $6.50! One of the most expensive sheet mask I’ve purchased yet. I had high hopes for this mask since Tony Moly is a very popular Korean brand.

But unfortunately it has a weird smell I wasn’t fond of. Instruction stated, it should be left on for around 3-40 minutes or until fully dried. Then peel off mask and rinse face. But it never fully dried. It felt heavy on the face and it was messy to put on and to wash off.  But the worst part was it broke me out. I usually use a sheet mask before I sleep. So when I woke up the next day my face was full of white bumps that lasted for a week.

SCINIC My Juicy Bottle Mask
I purchased this for $5.99 at Marshalls. Each box contained 5 sheet masks. It has a decent scent but for some reason the serum irritated my eyes. My eyes even swelled up! It was kinda of a scary experience.

Naturally Sheet Masks 

These were also around $5.99 for 5 sheet masks. These masks for some reason made my skin a tad bit itchy.

BRTC Sheet Masks
The worst brand overall for sheet masks is the BRTC. These are one of the pricier ones at Marshalls/TJ Maxx, ranging from $10-$20 per box. They all caused me to break out. The Green Tea gave me the least break out lasting only a week. The Morning glory gave me the biggest and worst breakout, lasting for 3 weeks!



The Make Over Masks didn’t sit on the skin that well. Also I immediately saw break outs after I took the mask off!

Remember we all have different skin types just because these didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I have sensitive and acne prone skin.
What masks works for you? and which ones didn’t? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Korean Sheet Masks To Avoid Part I

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Im going to the US soon and wanted to look for sheet masks at (my favourite) Marshalls – happy to have read your review to know what to stay away from! Sorry to hear you broke out:( just so you know – some sheet masks don‘t “dry out” and you are supposed to just massage in the residue on your face, not remove it…it can feel a bit uncomfortable, but the result the next day is great! My favourite sheet masks are from Mizon:) /Mary


    • Oops, I forgot to state that the instruction for the Tony Moly mask stated it was supposed to stay on until fully dried. Thank you for pointing that out, I’ll be sure to add that in. I haven’t tried any mask from Mizon yet, but I will definitely pick some up the next time I’m in Target. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment! 🙂

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