Review: Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano has been very popular on YouTube lately, so while in L.A. I picked up a few items to see what was all the hype about. First off I have to say there’s a huge price range, I found some shadows for only $3 and some for $14!  That’s the same price as Anastasia’s shadows! I didn’t want to spend too much, so I only grabbed a few items just to test try.

First up are the Smooth Temptation lipsticks for about $3 each. They had a sale going on, 5 for $15 for any items in the small bins found in front of the cashiers.  I got the shade 01 (nude) and 05 (muted red).



01 (nude) shade swatched on hand doesn’t seem like a bad color but when on the lips, it’s very unnatural to the point where it made me look dead! Not a flattering color at all.

05 (muted red) swatched nicely and looks pretty good on the lips.

-Twist Up
-Goes on smooth
-Semi-glossy finish
-Becomes more matte and drying throughout the day
– Needs  reapplying or some type of lip balm over or under
– A little uncomfortable on the lips but not unbearable
-Transfers a little
-Leaves a stain
-Lasts about 4/5 hours without reapplying or eating and drinking

20160321_200954 - Copy
(There’s some transferring but nothing too much where all of the lipsticks comes off.)

Second items are the Infinity shadows, which were also on sale for around $3 each.


-Good Pigmentation
-Easy to build
-Starts fading after 4 hours of wear

Lastly I got the High Pigment shadows for $10 each.

-Good Pigmentation
-Little fall out
-Fades after 4/5 hours

Overall: The products aren’t bad. I like the shadows, they are very easy to build up and blend. The lipsticks on the other hand were a miss since it was quite drying on the lips. I do suggest trying out their shadows but only if they’re on sale. The price tag is a little high for what you are getting and they fade rather quickly even with primer on.


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