Review: TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony

TheBalm just released in March 2016 the squeal to their Meet Matt(e) Nude;  Meet Matt(e) Trimony costing around $41. The packaging is the same as the original Meet Matt(e) Nude, containing 9 shadows, a decent size mirror, and cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. The palette is sleek and thin making it great for traveling.
But honestly I really wish theBalm would slowly move away from the cheap cardboard packaging. $41 is not cheap, for that price I want a better packaging.

What the packaging looks like.
2016-03-21 15.29.122016-03-21 17.49.332016-03-11 12.51.1520160321_150932-12016-03-21 15.11.07 - Copy

The shadows are nice and soft, smooth, have good pigmentation, buildable, and easy to blend. The only down fall I have with these is that they kick up a lot of product. Make sure to tap off your brush otherwise you will get a lot of fall out. Also there are two shades that didn’t perform as well as the others, Matt Moskowitz (plum shade with red undertones) and Matt Ahmed (black shade). These weren’t as pigmented and came off a little patchy.

Unfortunately I don’t own the original Meet Matt(e) Nude so I can’t do any comparison swatches. But I’m sure you guys can easily find some images on Google.

Overall:  Is it the best matte eyeshadow palette out there, no but it’s not bad. Is it worth the $41? Most definitely not! Maybe around $30 or less then yes. In the end, the Meet Matt(e) Trimony is not a must have palette. There’s nothing from the palette that wows me, the colors are quite standard. For the price I rather go with Lorac Pro palettes or any Too Faced palettes.

I got mine from Unified Cosmetics:
Use code UCGIVES20 for 20% off your entire purchase!


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