Quick Review: BH Cosmetics Nude Rose Palette

20160109_204444 - Copy
The Nude Rose 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette originally costs around $20, but you can get it for a cheaper price whenever it’s on sale. I got this for around $12 including tax.
The palette comes in a medium tin box. The color selection isn’t really impressive. There’s not much contrast at all! I mean there’s only 1 dark shade, 2 medium, and the rest are light.


Another downfall is that the shadows are quite sheer. Especially if you don’t use a primer. I didn’t use any primer while swatching so it took a bit to build them up. But they do perform  better with a primer, but best with a creamy eyeshadow base like NYX Jumbo pencils. My Urban Decay primer potion alone wasn’t enough for the lighter shades.
There were some pros: they are smooth, soft, easy to blend, and semi-buildable. 

20160109_204537 - Copy (2)20160109_204801 - Copy

20160109_204537 - Copy20160109_205101 - Copy

Overall: It’s an okay palette. There weren’t anything special or unique about it. I wouldn’t recommend this palette since the shadows were too sheer and it’s not a stand alone palette. Even though they did include a dark shade, it wasn’t dark enough. I had to go back in with another palette to darken the outer corners of my eyes.
Save your money and get another palette.


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