Diva Makeup Queen Dream Big Palette Review

I have always been curious about DMQ Cosmetics ever since Wing (Divamakeupqueen) came out with her line. I tried doing my own research on the products before purchasing these during the Black Friday sale. But there weren’t much reviews. So I decided to give these a try for myself. I got the Best Bundle: DMQ Dream Big Palette + Holiday Palette + Mystery Collection for about $40 something, give or take a few dollars, with tax and shipping.
This blog will only be about the DMQ Dream Big palette (as you can tell by the title). I didn’t want the review to be so lengthy, so I had to split each collection up.

2015-12-09 22.15.24 - Copy
The Dream Big Palette includes 13 shadows, with different finishes and different formulations. The shadows were not consistent.

2015-12-09 22.15.45 - Copy (Left to right: Courage, Vision, Passion, Purpose, Gratitude, Perseverance, Faith, Believe, No name, Inspiration, Imagination, Strength, & Power)

Courage & Gratitude are the two small eyeshadows.
-They are smooth.
-Okay pigmentation
-Courage was a bit crumbly

Vision, Passion, Purpose, Perseverance, Faith, & Believe are the medium size eyeshadows.
Vision (white) & Perseverance (light brown)
-horrible pigmentation
– not very buildable

Passion (taupe) & Faith (medium brown)
-good pigmentation

Purpose (beige)
-a little crumbly
-good pigmentation

Believe  (dark brown)
-Okay pigmentation

No Name was given to the black shadow
-poor pigmentation
-not very buildable

Inspiration (pink), Imagination (lilac), Strength (blue), & Power (yellow green); larger eyeshadows.
– good pigmentation, except for Strength which has okay pigmentation

This palette was very disappointing. I don’t think I would be reaching for this palette anytime soon.


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