CK One Palettes Swatches & Quick Review

2015-11-25 00.11.02
I recently saw these bad boys on sale at Ulta for only $28 each! The first palette is the Neutrals Redefined (black) and the second palette is Neutrals Revealed (gray). I’ve never tried CK makeup line before so I didn’t really have any expectation for them. But once I’d started playing with them, OH MAN… they are so nice! Well I’m mostly talking about the Neutrals Revealed palette. The eyeshadows are really soft, creamy, and buttery! But for some reason, the black palette doesn’t feel as soft.

2015-11-25 00.11.23
(Left Gray/Neutrals Revealed and Right is Black/ Neutrals Redefined)

2015-11-25 00.10.11
Neutrals Redefined

2015-11-25 00.08.40 - Copy
(I had to build up a few of the colors)

-Decent Pigmentation
-Longevity: Good w/primer

2015-11-25 00.10.31
Neutrals Revealed

2015-11-25 00.09.23-1 - Copy
(I did most of these with one swipe except for the first two shades and the black.)

-Good Pigmentation
-Super Soft/Creamy/Buttery
-Longevity: Good w/primer

Overall: I’ve been really enjoying the Neutrals Revealed palette! I’m not saying that the Neutrals Redefined/black is a bad palette, it’s just not up to par with the gray one. So if anything just get the gray one and skip out on the black one.


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